BRSM. Activities of active youth

Over the summer months at the BRSM "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" there have been many sports and recreational and cultural activities among young workers of our company, which are an integral part of the entire system of physical education.

Held promoting healthy lifestyles: prevention of smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, HIV infection (the campaign: "Say No smoking!" "Instead of cigarettes eat candy!", "Stop - AIDS").

August 1, 2015 held its annual tourist meeting of youth organized by the JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" for employees. Each year, employees create teams that over 2 days fighting for the right to be called the winner of the youth tourist rally. In addition to classical competitions in tug of war, darts, participants compete on speed in the tourist relay race, volleyball, orienteering.

In order to prevent negative phenomena in the youth environment, assistance to law enforcement agencies in law enforcement in the company created and operates a voluntary youth squad. The brigade has a special shape, regularly takes part in active duty, is the promotion of the leadership.

We believe that every person is important to feel the kindness, care, support. That is why we support the volunteer movement "Good Heart", which gathers in its ranks compassionate, sincere, caring for other people's troubles young people. As part of the volunteer mission Youth League activists hold charity marathons, take patronage over children's homes and social education centers, visit pensioners living alone, providing targeted assistance to veterans, large families and single-parent families.

Each year, active youth of our company participates in regional competitions between sanitary squads. This event is held on the territory of the firehouse. The participants of this competition are the large enterprises of our region. The purpose of the event - training young people how to provide medical assistance in any emergency. The youth of our company is very responsible attitude to participate and, as a rule, wins prizes.

For our active youth "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" organizes sightseeing tours:

  • Brest Fortress;
  • Ostrich farm;
  • Theatre of Drama;
  • Khatyn-Trostenets.

It was organized a trip to the ice and at the Dolphinarium Minsk for young families.

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