If you're looking for a quality product supplier, our offer will interest you.

Why are we so sure?

  • Our company – the largest supplier of meat, offal and fat in the Republic of Belarus.
  • Cooperation with JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" – is the competitiveness of your company in the market.
  • We guarantee availability of the claimed goods in our warehouse.
  • The company has received a certificate of compliance of the production of goods, works, services with the requirements of the "Halal" voluntary certification system.

Terms of delivery:
FCA Volkovysk.

Payment Terms:
100% prepayment + 10% collateral (for new companies).

On the goods are issued the documents:
quality certificate, veterinary certificate, test results report, Waybill, CMR, invoice.

Meat Supply

Mihail Koljadko – manager
Tel: +375 1512 5 00 40
Email: wolkowyskmeat@gmail.com
Skype: vmk_ves_mihai

The supply of fat, offal, meat products to foreign countries

Mihail Koljadko – manager
Tel: +375 1512 5 00 40
Email: wolkowyskmeat@gmail.com
Skype: vmk_ves_mihail

Supply of sausages 

Semikina Irina – manager 
Tel: +375 1512 5 00 40
Email: ved@volmk.by 
Skype: ved@volmk.by

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