"Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" started its successful production activity since 1964 and is currently one of the leading meat processing enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

Initial number of employees was 412 persons.

Throughout the production activities at the factory constantly increased power, was carried out technical upgrading.


In 1975, the reconstruction of the refrigerator, which increased the volume of simultaneous storage of meat, and accordingly, and capacities for the development of meat and sausage products.


In 1981, he built the cultural and sports complex. In 1987, construction of a new compressor. In the period from 1987 to 1992 it was reconstructed boiler and thermal separation of sausage shop.


New shop technical products, which allowed to process all the useful products is built in 1994, and in 1995 - almost new abattoir plant, due to which not only improved the working conditions, but also the quality of processing.

In accordance with the order Grodnooblimuschestva №88 dated December 30, 1995 the enterprise was transformed into joint-stock company "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant", which is the successor of property rights and obligations of the state enterprise Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant.


In 1997, put into operation a workshop for the production of semi-finished products, which has allowed a 3-fold increase the production of dumplings and dumplings. In 1998, the reconstruction of thermal separation of the sausage department, in 1999 – the reconstruction of liver compartment.


In 2000-2003, reconstruction of sausage shop with the release of the production department for sausages; reconstruction and capital repairs of the building of Sales; clubhouse and an assembly hall with a complete replacement of furniture; an administrative building; renovated room and finish the expedition; introduced a new dining room for 400 seats; open flagship stores in Shchuchyn and Minsk.


In 2002-2006, the reconstruction and redevelopment of the sausage department to release the commodity, the engine room, packing, cooling chambers, preparation of the camera raw materials; Repair liverwurst department; Reconstruction of the production laboratory to the acquisition of new equipment; open land for the production of raw sausages with the equipment of the Austrian company; replaced production line for cooked sausages.

"Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" was the first production started in the country smoked vacuum packed, mastered the production of pressed smoked, having bought for this purpose about 400 forms of different configurations.


In 2004, the company was reorganized by SEC "Nezbodichi" connection.


In 2005, the brand opened four stores: one in Minsk and three in Grodno.

In 2005-2007, the work on the overhaul and reconstruction of the refrigerator; cooking area; installed Italian production line of ravioli "manual molding" with a spiral freezer frost, which provides fast and high-quality freeze ravioli without loss of taste; company store opened in Gomel.


In 2008-2009, conducted thermal modernization of buildings facades hostel, sanboyni building, storage building; completed the reconstruction and modernization of buildings on the site lairage; built indoor parking for storage and charging electric car, for washing vehicles; Household meat and fat body shop; built indoor dezbarer.


In 2010, started reconstruction of the meat-fat workshop with the replacement line for slaughtering pigs; replaced equipment fatty portion of meat-fat workshop; the reconstruction of the storage chambers of frozen meat with replacement of refrigeration equipment.

In 2011, the company completed phase of the reconstruction of meat-fat workshop. "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" is the first in Belarus to establish a modern pig slaughtering line method of gas stunning of animals with subsequent shock cooling meat capacity of 120 heads per hour. To date, the project has no analogues in the country. This year, the company was reorganized through merger of OAO "Grinki".


In 2012, in the sausage shop installed a modern line for deboning and trimming, ice machine, cutter, spinning. The abattoir workshop organized section of wool processing by-products, purchased a centralized cleaning system, equipment for washing and drying boxes. The compressor shop partially replaced ammonia coolers, compressor units. Major overhaul and reconstruction of the refrigerator. Purchased vehicles, loaders.

In 2013, commissioned on site processing of fresh meat, company store opened in Baranovichi.

All works on reconstruction, capital repairs conducted at their own expense and not to lose markets, without stopping production. As a result, not only the volume of backfilled in sausage-culinary production, but also to create more jobs, improved working conditions for workers.

On the territory of the plant has its own water tower, iron removal station stroytseh, boiler, transport department.


In October 2014, JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" celebrated its 50th anniversary. For decades, the company is one of the most sophisticated and innovative meat processing plants in our country.


In the spring of 2015, JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" the grand opening of a new technological line for cattle slaughter capacity of 80 heads per hour. This reconstruction has allowed to increase productivity, improve sanitary conditions. The line itself complies with HACCP, SanPiN, STB ISO 9001-2009. All transport processes are automated, thus reducing the physical strength of workers, respectively, they are less tired and more successfully do their job.

Thus, in 2015 the company completed the reconstruction of abattoir workshop of the replacement lines for slaughtering cattle capacity of 80 birds per hour and the slaughter of pigs line capacity of 120 heads per hour. Modern equipment is needed to enterprises because it increases the quality and safety of manufactured products, which requires us to the buyer.


Upgrade of a roof of the office building is carried out; the construction of two calf houses on 300 heads everyone in the territory dairy – a commodity farm in of Drechana of Svislochsky district is completed; reconstruction of section on preparation of spill in the territory of JSC Volkovyssky Meat-processing Plant and thermal rehabilitation of facades of buildings of instrumentation and automated control systems and the dining room is carried out; improvement of security and sanitary zones of artesian wells of JSC Volkovyssky Meat-processing Plant is organized; major repair of cameras No. 12, 13 of the refrigerator and reconstruction of a dezbaryer under washing of cattle trucks are complete.


The reconstruction of the ammonia refrigeration system of the sausage workshop of Volkovysk Meat Processing Plant OJSC has been completed. In December 2017, the fourth company store was opened in Minsk.


Major repairs and reconstruction of the refrigerator with an increase in capacity have been completed. Our own fleet of vehicles is being updated, new trucks of MAN company have been purchased to deliver products to retail facilities.


The Volkovysk Meat Processing Plant boiler house is undergoing major repairs and reconstruction with the replacement of 2 boilers and auxiliary boiler equipment. The fleet continues to be updated in the transport shop, and new MAN trucks have also been purchased to deliver products to buyers.


In January 2020, a company store was opened in Soligorsk. Overhaul and reconstruction of the building of the decontamination center, garages with the addition of pastoralist washing, reconstruction of the ammonia compressor and the section of the network of the combined household and industrial sewage from the sausage workshop to the KNS on the territory of Volkovysk meat processing plant OJSC are carried out. In the transport workshop, the fleet continues to be updated, new cars and loaders were purchased. The reconstruction of the boiler house of Volkovysk Meat Processing Plant OJSC was completed with the replacement of 2 boilers and auxiliary boiler equipment. In December, the fifth company store in Minsk was opened.

Crossing the 55-year mark, the staff of JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" with confidence can say that, on the one hand passed now way – this movement on the quality of roads, and on the other, – the beginning of the next milestone in the history of the plant, which will be marked by new achievements and Victory!