BRSM. The contest "Leader of the Year - 2015"

23 youth representatives from various labor groups took part in the regional competition "Leader of the Year - 2015", which took place recently in the town's House of Culture.

Similar events were held earlier in different educational institutions, and in this Year of the Youth Competition was first decided to work among young people and to make the district.

Among the objectives and tasks of the organizers of the contest - the department of ideological work, Culture and Youth Affairs of the District Executive Committee - said detecting active and creative young people, among them support active citizenship and disseminate successful experiences of youth activists.

At the first stage, participants were required for 3-4 minutes in a free form to submit themselves to the audience and the jury, and the second - to acquaint with its social project for the implementation of youth policy (themes - youth work, leisure, youth infrastructure, stocks and so on ).

To participate in the contest "Leader of the Year -2015" of active youth BRSM our company chose Nadezhda Yuchko.

In the "business card" competition Nadezhda Igorevna reflected their world, spoke about their life values and priorities on the most important matters of interest and enthusiasm. Also gave his best social project "Evenings at the fountain", the basic idea of which was to organize cultural and leisure activities in the open air of youth based on the ideas and proposals of all active young people.

So, at least two dozen representatives of Vaukavysk young people were able to prove to themselves and others that they have charisma, communication skills, creativity, and the rest of the organizational and leadership skills. All participants were awarded with diplomas for their participation, and the winners - with diplomas of different degrees and valuable prizes. And most importantly - we gained invaluable experience with the audience, training his oratory and creative thinking.

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