BRSM. Tourist rally

A major role in the formation of a healthy lifestyle plays a proper organization of leisure. Every year at the JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" held sporting events.

In the framework of the "Year of Youth in Belarus in 2015" 1 and 2 August held tourist meeting halls and offices of JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant", which was attended by 6 teams participated: the sausage and abattoir workshops, the plant, the refrigerator, the service chief engineer and deputy director general for commercial matters.

Within 2 days of persistent struggle waged. Team overcame the obstacle, competed in the counter relay, tug of war and pushing pads, competed in games of volleyball and darts. Also showed his skill captains in the competition leaders.

The winner was the team of the tourist gathering abattoir workshop.

All participants of the Olympics were awarded valuable gifts.

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