Dad, Mom, I - a fun family

November 21, 2015 in the sports hall of "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" in the program of year-round sports contest devoted to the Day of workers of agriculture and processing industry of the agroindustrial complex held regional festival of family teams "Dad, Mom, and I - a sports family".

The festival was attended by 21 family of 10 district organizations. competitions were held on darts, throws in a basketball basket and a mobile relay.

The best darts and throws in the basket has become a family Triputi of CRH, was the strongest in the family Martynovich moving the baton from "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant".

As a result of all performances in all events:

  • 1 place was taken Martynovich family "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant";
  • 2 place was occupied by PMC family Silko "Volkovysk communal facilities";
  • 3 place was taken by the family Triput Central District Hospital.

Performing Group family teams: two from the organization determined the winners in the team competition:

  • 1st place with the best sum of points was the team of "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant";
  • 2nd place - JSC "Volkovysk" Bellakt ";
  • 3rd place - PMC "Volkovysk communal facilities."

The winners of the competition were awarded with cups, medals and prizes from JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" of the trade union committee.

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