Inauguration on cattle slaughter line

April 30 JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" the grand opening of a new technological line for cattle slaughter capacity of 80 heads per hour. The event is not an ordinary, not only for the company itself and the Vaukavysk district, but also for the entire meat industry in the country.

The company has completed the reconstruction of abattoir workshop of the replacement for cattle slaughtering lines with capacity of 80 birds per hour and the line of pig slaughtering capacity of 120 heads per hour.

General Director Vladimir Belyaev cut the symbolic red ribbon, after which the staff of the company, took part in the reconstruction of abattoir workshop, saw production line in operation and praised the high level of automation of all processes.

This reconstruction has allowed to increase productivity, improve sanitary conditions. The line itself complies with HACCP, SanPiN, STB ISO 9001-2009.

All transport processes are automated, thus reducing the physical strength of workers, respectively, they are less tired and more successfully do their job. Modern equipment is needed to enterprises because it increases the quality and safety of manufactured products, which requires us to the buyer.

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