Best Product of the Year - 2014

In the annual Republican public competition "Best Product of the Year 2014", which is conducted LLC "Ekobreyn" together with Belarusian society, consumer protection, Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Food "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant", without changing the tradition, once again won the Grand Prix -When For consistent quality, and its products won the title of "Best product of the year - 2014" in various categories.

All kinds of the above products have won this competition:

  • nomination - Semis - awarded products Dumplings "special Taiga", "Snowball Special", "royal", "Siberian special"
  • in the category - Semi-finished meat - awarded products Sausages raw "Traditional mix", "Home Premium"
  • in the category - Products made of pork and beef - awarded products "Bacon Amateur special" meat product pork
  • nomination - Meat products with offal - awarded to products of the meat product by product "Ears appetizing" to / from the blood and brawn "Pachastunak luxury"
  • nomination - Meats uncooked jerked - awarded products Sausage salami jerked meat "Jubilee premium"
  • nomination - Meats cooked - awarded products Sausages "Delicious with premium cheese"
  • nomination - Meats cooked and smoked - awarded products Sausage boiled-smoked salami "Servelat Favorite"
  • in the category - Products made of pork and beef - awarded products product from pork meat "Snack Barn Suite"
  • in the category - Products made of pork and beef - awarded to products Product "Lasunak prince" meat pork

Ekobreyn Ltd. since 1998 engaged in the organization of the National Public Competition Best Product of the year on various topics.

Competition Objectives:

  • promoting the development of production and sales of competitive products;
  • assist the consumer in choosing a competitive product;
  • assist consumers in choosing the best products;
  • definition of the latest trends in the development of the domestic market;
  • cooperation with leading national laboratories, test centers.

"Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" gets the right to use the mark, the contest for the award of production.

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