The contest "Best Product of 2013"

The number of participants exceeded eight dozen manufacturers competed in fifty categories. The title of "Best Product of the Year" is awarded for 15 years. Such competitions are designed to promote quality products.

Tastings were conducted from June to November of 2013. All production was impersonal. A whole army of experts determines the best. And without changing traditions, products of JSC "Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" was awarded 5th diplomas and once again received the title of "Best Product of the Year". All five species of the above products have won this competition:

  • in the nomination "Meat products with the use of by-products" - the meat product is cooked pressed "In tongue luxury"
  • in the category "Sausages cooked smoked" - sausage, smoked-cooked "Servelat Volkovyssk special"
  • in the category "Meats smoked" - semi-smoked sausage meat "Volkovysk special"
  • in the category "Meats jerked sausages" - semi-dry sausage jerked meat "Austrian Grand"
  • in the category "Semi-finished meat" - Pelmeny "premium Taiga", "New Snow", "Grand Royal", "Siberian grand."

"Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" gets the right to use the mark, the contest for the award of production.

Distinguishing sign of better, by design, symbolizes attention to ecology and quality of the product.

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