Choice of the Year 2020

Choice of the Year 2020

OJSC Volkovysk Meat Processing Plant was awarded a gold medal in the nomination "Cooked Sausages of the Year" of the international competition "Choice of the Year 2020."
For 19 years, the international competition "Choice of the Year" has annually determined the leaders of the consumer market.

The method of determining the winners in each nomination is complex, it is the same in all countries of the project and allows you to evaluate the goods from different sides, which brings the results as close as possible to objectivity:
- 40% is the result of the all-Belarusian marketing study of consumer preferences
- 30% - opinion of the expert council
- 15% - opinion of representatives of leading and network advertising agencies
- 10% - opinion of the high jury
- 5%  - opinion of the organizing committee of the festival.

Thank you for your appreciation.

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