Dumplings Pelmenych So it's time to discover the secret of real dumplings... Someone will definitely say that dumplings should be "homemade," "made with their own hands," and shop by definition "tasteless." Of course, we agree that a dumpling made with our own hands is better than a factory one, but there are exceptions!
Of course, not only the ratio of dough to filling is important, but also the recipe for dough and the "meat content." Many manufacturers, in an effort to compete at a price in the fight for an unpretentious buyer, allow the laying of "anything" in dumplings. Hiding the true tastes behind various additives, they achieve that in general the dish turns out to be edible, especially if you do not think about its composition.
In order to understand what is the best criterion for choosing dumplings, Svetlana Anatolyevna Gordynets, candidate of agricultural sciences, head of the department of meat products technologies at the Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Food, answered:
- First of all - attention to the label! We look at which document the product is made for. These can be specifications developed by the manufacturer or the state standard Republic of Belarus "Semi-finished products in the test. Frozen dumplings "- it establishes stricter requirements for this type of product. The standard complies with the international requirements and technical regulations of the Customs Union so that this product is even better and more competitive in the world market (Source: Narodnaya Gazeta

And dumplings made according to the state standard of the Republic of Belarus will definitely be found in stores: these are dumplings of the Pelmenych trademark from Volkovysk Meat Processing Plant OJSC:
~       Tayozhnye po-Volkovysski
~       Bogatyrskie po-Volkovysski
~       Severnye grand
~       Korolevskie po-Volkovysski
~       Snezhok po-Volkovysski
~       Sibirskie po-Volkovysski
Dumplings of the Pelmenych trademark made according to the state standard correspond to category B. The term "dumpling category" is dumplings combined by the mass fraction of muscle tissue, that is, meat without fat stains.

Pelmenych trademark are dumplings produced according to the traditions of high quality of Volkovysk Meat Processing Plant OJSC, from natural chopped meat without the use of food additives with the taste of home dumplings manually sculpted. The good-natured smile of the master of dumplings harmoniously conveys the awe with which these products are made at the enterprise. Dumplings do not include additives. Dumplings are distinguished by different contents of pork and beef and spices: coriander, cumin, dill and pepper, corresponding to different taste preferences of customers.
  Торговая марка Пельменыч
According to the state standard, for the manufacture of dumplings of the Pelmenych trademark of categories B, it is not allowed to use:
- speck products, raw fat of the first group, animal melted food fat, avian melted food fat in quantities of more than 10%;
- hydrated soybean proteins, food ingredients with functional characteristics of hydrocolloids, protein stabilizer from pig skin, protein stabilizer from connective tissue, protein-fat emulsion, emulsion from pig skin and others in amounts of more than 10%;
- complex dietary additives with functions of thickeners and (or) stabilizers, and (or) emulsifiers and (or) plant dietary fibres and (or) meat of mechanical refilling and beef and (or) pork, and (or) poultry meat of mechanical refilling and additional refilling in amounts of more than 10%;
- vegetable raw materials: vegetables (onions, sweet peppers, carrots, etc.) in quantities of more than 15%;
- milk and its processing products in hydrated form in quantities of more than 10%.
  If the package says "made according to STB 974" - safely make a choice in favor of these dumplings - Dumplings of the Pelmenych trademark!
" Pelmenych" - cooks heartily, his dumplings are good!

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