Product of the Year 2015

The most popular and sought-after food products, goods and services in the Belarusian consumer market were named and awarded 16 December 2015 at a business forum and the award ceremony of the Republican contest of consumer preferences "Product of the Year 2015".

"Volkovysk Meat-Processing Plant" won in four categories: "Meat delicacies", "Cooked sausage", "Sausages summer" and "Semi-finished products" - for a wide range and quality of products.

In 2015, official participants of the contest are 96 enterprises. Equal conditions for participation and victory were provided by all companies, both leaders of the national economy and a major importer and regional enterprises of any level.

The results of a representative survey conducted in November 2015 sociological laboratory NOVAK, reviewed and approved the members of the Commission of Experts of the Scientific and Practical Centre of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus on foodstuffs.

Every year the competition "Product of the Year" is accepting applications for participation from manufacturers, which represent the public how innovative products that have been put into production and placed on the market in the past year, and held long and rightfully won their "place in the sun" and consumer confidence.

Products are distributed in the nominations, the winners are selected by a national opinion poll and online voting and announced in February of each year, and the producers are entitled to use the mark of the contest "Product of the Year" on the packaging of the winning products in their advertising and promotional activities.

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